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Ceiling filter plays a role in spraying


The ceiling filter is crucial in the furniture and automotive paint baking process because it determines the quality of the paint after the paint. It is a prerequisite for the high-value paint process and high-quality paint. All the ventilation facilities are based on it. central.

When the paint room is working, the outside air is filtered by the primary filter cotton of the air inlet, and then sent to the room by the blower, and then filtered by the ceiling filter to flow into the working space of the paint booth, and the airflow forms a pressure difference from top to bottom. The paint mist generated by the spray paint will be discharged by the air outlet after being filtered by the paint stop.

Ceiling filte can reduce some of the odor in the car exhaust, and the amount of paint is very small. It has a unique effect on the air purification in the air to reduce the exhaust of the car. Feel the effect of the exhaust, and you can also appreciate the unique style of the filter cotton when filtering. It can filter the air comprehensively and make the spraying effect more obvious. We can also enjoy the ceiling filte in different places on weekdays.

Ceiling filte is suitable for coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration, air conditioning system return air outlet filtration;

1) Suitable for various industrial purposes, such as pollution prevention, air conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing of sewage, etc.;

2) Suitable for pre-filtration in painting system and painting workshop;

3) It can be processed into a primary effect plate filter or a primary effect bag filter according to customer requirements.

4) Specially designed for the fine-spraying of the end of the painting system and painting workshop, which is a prerequisite for high-value baking varnishing process and high-quality baking varnish;

5) Installed in a car assembly car, or a car paint baking workshop, as a ceiling filter cotton. It is installed in the ceiling of the painting and paint booth of the automotive surface finishing department, and serves as the final air supply filter for the ventilation equipment.

Choosing the right ceiling filte for proper use and maintenance makes the spraying process easier and cleaner while ensuring perfect spray results.

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