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Bag air filter structure and product features


The structure of the bag air filter:

The biggest feature of the bag air filter is embodied in the structure, with a support filter bag inside, mainly made of metal. The bag air filter has an intercepting effect during the working process, thereby retaining impurities and allowing the purification function to be embodied. It can be seen that after the use period of the filter bag is completed, everyone can replace it without affecting the filter function. It is widely used in the intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems and is suitable for occasions with high dust concentration.

Studies have shown that. The resistance of the air filter is primarily related to airflow velocity, filtration area, filter construction, gas viscosity, gas mean free path, fiber average radius, and packing density. An air filter is a device that traps dust from a gas-solid two-phase flow through the action of a porous filter material and purifies the gas. It purifies the air with low dust content and sends it into the room to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the cleanliness of the air in the general air-conditioned room. The particles can be left outside during the circulation process. The bag type air filter has a large filtering area and is cost-effective to use, and does not cause material waste.

Bag air filter product features

1. Capture 1-5um of particulate dust and various suspended solids.

2, using the hot melt process, the structure is stable, reducing the risk of leakage.

3, the amount of wind is large.

4, the resistance is small.

5. High dust holding capacity.

6, can be used repeatedly for cleaning.

7, type: frameless and framed.

8. Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber.

9, efficiency: 60% ~ 95% @ 1 ~ 5um (colorimetric method).

10. Use the highest temperature and humidity: 80 ° C, 80%.

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