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Principle and installation of bag type primary air filter


The bag filter has large effective filtering area, large dust holding capacity, small resistance and large ventilation. The frame and the support frame can be reused. When the filter is replaced, only the filter bag needs to be replaced, which is convenient and quick, and greatly reduces the running cost. Bag filter The primary air filter is commonly used for air filtration in ventilation units, air conditioning systems, and purification systems. The bag filter primary air filter removes large particles of dust above 5μm in the air, allowing the air to be primary cleaned to reduce the load from the intermediate effect air conditioner to the high efficiency air filter.

Air filter filtration principle: diffusion effect, interception effect, inertial effect, sieve effect, electrostatic effect

1) Diffusion effect: dust particles of less than 1 μm do not move with the airflow, but do irregular motion due to the impact of air molecules, which is called “Brown diffusion motion”. If it hits the filter fiber, it is captured. The smaller the particle, the more intense the diffusion motion, the more chances of impacting the fiber, and the better the filtration effect.

2) Intercepting effect: Small and light dust particles move with the airflow. When the fiber is bypassed, dust that is too close to the fiber surface will be intercepted.

3) Inertia effect: Large dust particles make inertial motion in the airflow. When the airflow bypasses the fiber, the particles with large inertia can't be bypassed and directly hit the fiber. The greater the dust, the stronger the inertial force, the greater the possibility of impacting the fiber, and the better the filtration effect.

4) Sieve effect: If the dust diameter is larger than the gap between the fibers, it will be stopped. In general, the dust diameter is much smaller than the fiber gap, that is, the sieve effect rarely occurs.

Air filter installation should comply with the regulations

1. The installation is flat, firm and in the right direction. There shall be tight and non-penetrating seams between the filter and the frame, frame and retaining structure;

2. The installation of frame-type or coarse-effect, medium-effect bag air filter, the filter should be evenly pressed around the frame, no visible gap, and should be easy to disassemble and replace the filter material;

3, the installation of the winding filter, the frame should be flat, unfolded filter material, should be tight and appropriate, the upper and lower cylinders should be parallel.

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