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What is the filter level represented by the bag filter bag color?


For bag air filters used in high humidity and high temperature environments, it is necessary to select high temperature resistant, high humidity resistant filter materials and support frames and frame materials to meet the needs of users. In the use of biological clean rooms and medical clean rooms, it is necessary to find a bag-type air filter with a metal frame, and it is not allowed to use a bag-type air filter with a wooden frame plate to prevent bacteria from being generated, thereby affecting the product. rate.

Bag air filters are mainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply systems. It can be used for primary filtration of air conditioning systems to protect the next level of filters and systems in the system. In places where air purification and cleanliness are not critical, the air treated by the medium efficiency air filter can be delivered directly to the user. Bag air filters are widely used in central air conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and other industrial purification. Medium efficiency bag air filters can also be used as front end filtration of high efficiency bag air filters to reduce high efficiency air. The load of the filter extends its service life.

The bag filter has a cold plate spray and a galvanized plate. The filter material is non-woven fabric, glass fiber, etc. The filter has a particle size of 1 to 5 μm and the filtration efficiency is 60 to 95%. ), the filter material is usually divided into: F5 (yellow), F6 (green), F7 (light pink), F8 (light yellow), F9 (white).

Medium-efficiency air filter is divided into two types: bag type and F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, non-bag type including FB (plate type medium efficiency filter), FS (separator type medium efficiency filter) (), FV (combined medium effect filter).

1) Role: capture 1-5um dust particles

2) Type: frameless and framed

3) Filter material: special non-woven fabric or fiberglass

4) Efficiency: 60 ~ 95 @ 1 ~ 5um (colorimetric method)

5) Filtration efficiency grades: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9

Bag air filter should be carried out according to requirements during transportation, installation and use to ensure the use effect. After using the filter for a period of time, the dust is trapped on the surface of the filter material, so that the efficiency and resistance of the filter are lowered, which affects the cleanliness of the air supply. In this case, the filter needs to be replaced in time.

When the equipment is running, it is generally not necessary to replace the filter; if the filter has not been replaced due to the replacement period, only the coarse and medium efficiency filters can be replaced without stopping the fan; the sub-efficient bag filter and the high efficiency bag The filter must be replaced before it can be replaced; the gasket between the bag filter and the connecting frame must be tight and leak-free to ensure the filtration effect.

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