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How to maintain a high efficiency filter


In the pharmaceutical process, dust can cause pollution, health damage and the risk of explosion, but in the past, the collection of artificial dust in the industry can be carried out in open systems. Today, more and more APIs require comprehensive and measurable containment. Sexual treatment process. Therefore, the safety and high-tightness design of high-efficiency filters is crucial. The high-quality has a strong safety and high-tightness design, and also has a filter element design for active explosion protection.

If the HEPA filter has a filter element design that can be used for active explosion protection, it will also add points to the device. According to the relevant experts, the dirty air side air chamber before the first stage of filtration may explode, depending on the nature of the dust and the organic solvent mixed therein. Based on advanced technology, the high-quality dust removal filter system can safely discharge the pressure generated by the explosion to the chamber on the clean air side. In addition, the electrostatic bleed design of the filter element prevents static build-up of the filter.

The filter replacement operation of the high-efficiency filter with high safety and high airtightness can be completed within one hour and the frequency of replacement is greatly reduced. Overall, this not only reduces equipment downtime, but also increases equipment efficiency and operational safety. Experts also say that the benefits of using long-life filter elements are not just to save operating costs, to achieve uninterrupted operation, and to a healthy and safe working environment.

The above design can effectively extend the service life of the high-efficiency filter, but in order to deal with the loss of components, the later maintenance work is still essential. So how to maintain high-efficiency filters? Clean-link high-efficiency filter manufacturers summarize the following experiences for your reference.

Before installing a high-efficiency filter, the staff needs to clean and clean the environment in which the equipment is located. If a high-efficiency filter is installed in a technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, the technical floor or ceiling should be thoroughly cleaned. When storing high-efficiency filters, they should be stored in strict accordance with the standards marked on the package.

High-efficiency filters must be unpacked at the installation site for inspection, including filter paper, sealant, frame damage, burrs and rust spots (metal frame); side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions are met; Product certification, etc. It should be reminded that when unpacking the device, the bag (film) cannot be torn or opened by hand.

During the handling of the equipment, the staff should pay attention to the light and avoid the violent vibration and collision. According to the manufacturer, the formal installation of the equipment requires a clear direction, that is, when the corrugated board combined filter is installed vertically, the corrugated board must be perpendicular to the ground; the connection between the vertical and the frame of the filter is strictly prohibited, Deformation, damage and leakage of glue, etc., after installation, the inner wall must be clean, free of dust, oil, rust and debris.

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