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What role does Fiberglass filter media cotton play in the filtration system?


Fiberglass filter media is also called resistance paint net, resist paint cotton, floor cotton, bottom cotton, paint mist filter cotton, glass fiber fluff felt, paint filter. The Fiberglass filter media is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber, which has an increasing structure, high catching rate and good paint mist isolation effect; good compression performance, can maintain its appearance, and its filter fiber is good for storing paint mist and dust; Fiberglass filter media filter material is green and white, green surface is air upwind surface; elastic, low pressure loss, excellent collection efficiency for paint mist, flame retardant in accordance with DIN4102 F1 temperature resistance, can reach 100% relative Temperature resistance; high temperature resistance up to 170. It can capture excessive paint in the painting system, avoid paint stains on the spray, and protect the paint particles in the external environment filter room to reduce the exhaust gas pollution.

The filter principle of glass fiber filter cotton is: after the glass wire is arranged, the contact probability of the paint mist is increased, and then the viscosity of the paint and the inertia of the motion are used to adsorb the paint mist in the glass fiber cotton, thereby filtering the paint mist. effect.

Glass fiber filter cotton is also called paint mist filter cotton. It is used together with paper frame and metal frame to make plate filter. Glass fiber paint mist filter cotton Use: Glass fiber paint mist filter cotton is suitable for various industrial purposes, such as pollution prevention. Public construction, air conditioning, electronics, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

At present, the thickness of glass fiber filter cotton commonly used in the market is between 50mm and 60mm. According to the production process and process of clean link Fiberglass filter media, the dust holding capacity is 3.2~3.6KG/m2, but it is used by the paint house. It is the paint mist filtration of the whole module of the exhaust system, and the paint mist received by the filter material is not uniform during the painting process. Judging the service life of Fiberglass filter media from the dust holding capacity is not comprehensive. Mainly need to combine the air volume in the painting room to judge. When the air supply system is stable, the larger the exhaust air volume, the smaller the resistance of the glass fiber filter cotton in the exhaust system, that is, the ground at this time. Cotton runs very well. Conversely, the smaller the amount of exhaust air, the greater the resistance of the ground cotton and the more severe the clogging of the paint mist. When the paint mist filter is blocked to a certain degree, the air volume in the paint booth is greatly reduced, the air circulation is weak, the paint mist concentration in the paint booth is increased, the product failure rate is also increased, and the worker is obviously uncomfortable in indoor work.

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