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Paint room air filter cotton is mainly used at the top, air inlet, ground


There are 3 types of filter cotton in the paint room, which are ceiling filter cotton, air inlet filter media cotton and paint mist filter cotton. They are used in the top of the paint booth, air inlet and floor. The main components are polyester fiber, glue and non-woven fabric. , belongs to synthetic fiber. The paint room filter cotton is mainly used in car paint booths, furniture paint booths, car spray booths, and furniture spray booths.

The fan air supply system uses the fresh air outside the room to filter the cotton through the air inlet paint room and the filter cotton in the paint room. After the dust is removed, the fan sends it into the factory to force the air in the plant to form a positive pressure to ensure the effective paint smell in the workshop. discharge. The air is filtered by the first time to filter the cotton in the paint booth of the fan inlet. It mainly filters the large dust impurities in the air. The second filter is the fine filtration of the filter cotton in the ceiling paint booth. It is also the most important filter. The uniformly filtered air is evenly diffused to form a laminar flow state to achieve the best spraying effect. The third time is the paint mist filter cotton under the bottom plate filter, which is also commonly known as the ground cotton, which is mainly used to filter the air. Excess paint. Reduce paint content and odor in the exhaust.

The correct installation method for the filter cotton in the paint room:

1. First remove the air inlet, ceiling and floor filter, and clean and clean the indoor ventilation pipes, the dark corners and the places where dust is easy to accumulate.

2. Close the door of the paint room and open the fan for about 1-3 minutes. After confirming the cleaning, install the filter cotton. During the installation process, it must be noted that the filter material and the frame should be kept flat, and the size of the gap around the same should be the same. The filter cotton frame should be coated with sealant around the filter frame, and then the filter cotton of the ceiling and the filter cotton of the air inlet should be installed.

3. After the installation of the filter cotton in the paint room, open the fan for 15 minutes or so, then carry out a simple cleaning and cleaning work, and install the painted mat, you can use it.

Painted room filter cotton is used to capture excess paint from the painting system, to avoid paint stains on the equipment, to prevent damage to the painted surface and to protect the external environment. The spray paint room is an environmentally friendly filter material to ensure the cleanliness of the paint room. An important equipment that is indispensable for automotive refinishing and painting operations. The air flow in the filter room of the paint booth must flow from the ceiling to the ground in the direction of gravity and discharge air from the ground. Installed in the paint booth The filter cotton requires high gloss and high-tech polished products in the production workshop and spray booth as the final air supply filter. Fine filtration of the end of the painting system and painting workshop is a prerequisite for high-value baking finishes and high-quality baking finishes.

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