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What are the general air filters?


An air filter is a device that traps dust from a gas-solid two-phase flow through the action of a porous filter material and purifies the gas. In order to obtain clean air that can reach the standard, the general ventilation filter captures and adsorbs dust particles of different particle sizes in the air, and the air quality is improved. The chemical filter can mainly absorb the odor in addition to adsorbing dust. The air with low dust content is purified and sent into the room to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the room. Usually used in biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, airport terminals, and habitats.

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Air filters generally include plate filters, folding filters, bag filters, activated carbon filters, box air filters, and the like.

Plate air filters are widely used in the steel, electronics, chemical, automotive, environmental and power industries. It is the best air intake filter device for centrifugal compressor filtration room. And various air conditioning systems for dust removal and oil removal. The filter material of this product is composed of synthetic glass fiber. It has a large dust holding capacity and a long service life, and is mostly used for initial air filtration.

The gradual structure of the folding filter provides the largest filtering area for the airflow. The filtering area of the folding filter is 5 times that of the general flat filter. The galvanized iron mesh is attached to the air outlet surface of the filter material, and the filter material is not protected. Blowing or deformation due to excessive wind pressure ensures that the surface of the filter material is fully utilized. The folding filter is usually used for primary filtration of air conditioning systems and pre-filtration of multi-stage filtration systems.

The bag-type medium efficiency filter has a unique bag structure to ensure that the airflow is evenly filled throughout the bag. The unique hot melt technology prevents excessive squeezing or leakage between the bags, which reduces drag and maximizes dust holding capacity. The "bag support grill" that acts as a reinforcement prevents the filter from shrinking or bending under extreme operating conditions. The bag filter is mainly used for the intermediate filtration of the central air conditioner and the weight air supply system to protect the lower filter and the system itself in the system. In places where the air purification requirements are not strict, it can also be used as the ultimate filter. Air is delivered directly to the user.

The activated carbon filter is made of powdered activated carbon on the polyurethane foam, and its carbon content is about 35%-50%. It has high-efficiency adsorption performance of activated carbon and can be used for air purification to remove volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air. It can deodorize, remove odor and purify the environment under a certain air volume, and has a good purification effect. It can be widely used to treat various gases such as benzene, phenols, esters, alcohols, aldehydes and other organic gases such as toluene, xylene and benzene, as well as malodorous gases and low-concentration and high-volume gases containing trace amounts of heavy metals.

The box-type air filter has a metal bracket for internal support, a high-strength rust-proof galvanized sheet frame, and a box-type air filter that folds the filter cotton into the frame. The box type air filter has the advantages of large dust holding capacity, large air volume, low resistance and repeated cleaning. Box air filters are widely used in optical electronics, instrumentation, food and beverage, biological laboratories and other industries.

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