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Answering questions How can the HEPA filter have more folds?


Q: The air purifier uses HEPA filters to filter dust, harmful gases, odors, etc. So isn't the HEPA filter folded as much as possible?

A: Anyone who understands the working principle of air purifier knows that HEPA filter is very important in the air purifier; HEPA filter is composed of very fine organic fibers, it is continuously folded back and forth to form a wavy washer. , And because of its own small aperture, micro-particles can not pass, with large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and has the characteristics of water absorption. HEPA can be divided into PP filter, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt-blown polyester nonwovens and meltblown glass fiber five materials. The filter in the entire purification system contains a formaldehyde removal filter, a deodorization filter, a dust collection filter and a HEPA filter.

So how much better is the HEPA filter layer?

If the length and width of the HEPA filter can be fixed inside the air purifier, theoretically, the more HEPA folds, the larger the area to be expanded and the better the effect. However, if the number of HEPA layers is too large, it will result in insufficient space for each HEPA filter. Instead, it will create a large wind resistance, which will affect the actual purification effect. In order to solve the problem of wind resistance, it is necessary to increase the performance of the fan, but not only will the power consumption of the whole machine rise sharply, but also the service life of the fan will be affected.

It can be seen that the HEPA folding layer number, fan performance and other data will directly affect the CADR value of the air purifier. Therefore, at the beginning of design, many air purifier companies will design a CADR value that they are expected to reach in the early stages, or obtain the optimal number of folded layers of the HEPA network through the efficiency of the fan, the capacity of the HEPA network space, and so on. The effectiveness of the fan is calculated by the expected number of folded layers of the HEPA mesh. In short, only when the fan performance and the number of folded layers reach a certain balance can the CADR value be set to an ideal level.

In addition, for the N filter cartridge in the sales outlet, it is not actually referring to the HEPA filter, which also includes a multilayer filter such as glass fiber and activated carbon. They differ in their effectiveness and cannot be confused.

Different price HEPA filters are different

The more HEPA filters are, the better the number of layers is, but why the HEPA filter of the same brand will have different prices? The question of changing a question is what kind of difference in the filter of different prices? In fact, we know a brand's There are several series of air purifiers, corresponding to three levels of high school, low school, and the same HEPA filter. Different materials used in different price HEPA filters, such as PP filter paper mentioned above, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt-blown polyester nonwovens and meltblown glass fiber five kinds of materials.

For example, the HEPA filter using composite PP PET filter paper has the advantages of low price, good heat resistance and chemical resistance.

In addition to the different materials, different price HEPA filter will also have the filter level. Such as EPA (Efficiency Air Filter) is divided into E10, E11, E12; HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter) is divided into H10, H11, H12, H13, H14; ULPA (Ultra High Efficiency Air Filter) is divided into U15, H16, H17 Three levels etc.

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