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How to calculate the dust holding capacity of the air filter


With the rapid development of industrialization, the use of air filters has continued to rise. Whether in the industrial or civil fields, air filters have become ubiquitous in people's lives and work. Different fields also require different types of air filters. In the process of use, the air filter's dust holding capacity How is it calculated and how can it be used effectively to ensure its useful life? Here's a brief introduction.

The dust holding capacity of the filter refers to the maximum allowable dust amount of the filter. When the dust amount exceeds this value, the resistance of the filter will increase and the filtration efficiency will decrease. Therefore, it is generally stipulated that the dust holding capacity of a filter refers to the amount of dust when the resistance due to accumulated dust reaches a specified value (generally 2 times the initial resistance) under the action of a certain amount of wind. The increase in filter dust resistance is related to the size of solid dust particles.

After the dust is deposited on the filter, its effect on the efficiency is very complicated. At a certain wind speed, it depends on the nature of the filter material, the nature and size of the dust particles. For example, the air filter paper made of general fiber material increases the contact resistance of the filter due to dust accumulated in the filter material. At the same time, other dust particles accumulate on the retained dust particles due to the charge of the dust particles. Set up to increase the filtration efficiency of the filter; however, when the dust accumulates to a certain limit, the accumulated dust will scatter, or the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter will be too large to break through the filter media, resulting in filter efficiency. Severe decline. According to the parameters of the air filter's rated dust holding capacity, the service life of the air filter can be calculated. The service life of an air filter is generally the time it takes to reach the rated dust holding capacity as the service life of the filter. The service life of the air filter is related to the amount of dust generated by the indoor dust source, the dust particles carried by the personnel, and the concentration of atmospheric dust particles. In the case of air pollution in most of the major cities in China, the useful life of high-efficiency filters used in cleanrooms is about 3 months.

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