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How often does the HEPA filter on the fresh air system change?


  The fresh air system has the ability to purify the air and efficiently provide fresh air to the room. It solves the problem of the decoration pollution that many users worry about, such as the deteriorating air quality in the hazy days and the decoration of new homes. Today, clean-link and everyone is talking about the new air system, the use of efficient air purification hepa filter problem, the problem is mainly two, respectively, how long is the hepa filter replacement? Can you wash it?

  First, the mainstream of the new air purification system;

  At present, there are two types of filters for purifying air that are most commonly used on fresh air systems. One is electrostatic dust collection and the other is hepa filter. Both filter and purification devices have their own advantages and disadvantages. In general, the penetration rate of hepa filters is even higher.

  Second, how long does the hepa filter change?

  The lifespan of the hepa filter is actually related to the degree of outdoor air pollution. That is, when the outdoor air pollution is severe, the replacement cycle of the hepa filter will also need to be properly advanced. Normally, the hepa filter averages 3 months. To replace it once, in order to ensure that the filter will not be replaced because of a long time, resulting in saturation of the filter caused by the problem of reduced efficiency.

  Third, can you wash it?

  At present, the hepa filter cannot be washed! The maintenance is carried out directly. It cannot be reused like an activated carbon filter or a primary filter.

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