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Why replace the air filter regularly?


Because the high-efficiency air filter in the junior high school is blocked by the filter core, it will run for a long time, and the pollutants will increase, which will hinder the passage of the airflow, which will cause the flow of the gas to become smaller in the system and the pressure drop will become higher when the air filter is reached. Can accept the maximum wind pressure, then you need to replace the air filter!

The final air filter unit requires a certain method? Otherwise, the filter power is greatly discounted!

(a) The operating pressure must not exceed the maximum pressure indicated by the filter.

(b) The filter is usually placed after the aftercooler and the gas tank, as close as possible to the point of application and the lowest point of temperature.

(c) The filter should not be installed after the rapid opening of the valve and avoid backflow and impact.

(d) The filter shall be straight and shall have a space replacement filter below for the filter.

(e) Larger filters should be properly supported in the pipeline.

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