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HPEA filter sealing method


1. In contact with the packing sealing method, the sealing method has a solid sealing gasket when the filler is used, and the solid sealing gasket usually adopts a sealing method of mechanically pressing the bolt mother. The compression amount of the rubber sheet is generally 30% to 50%. This sealing method is also the most common sealing method for clean rooms.

2. By using the negative pressure leakage sealing method, the polluted air in the positive pressure space is transmitted to the negative pressure space outside the working area through human intervention to ensure that the working area is not polluted.

3, liquid trough sealing method, this method is in the trough frame, inject a certain height of non-Newtonian sealing liquid, HEPA filter mouth is inserted into the sealing liquid, HEPA filter to block the air passages on both sides, to achieve sealing purpose.

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