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Product characteristics of the primary filter


The primary filter is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning systems and is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. The primary filter has three styles: plate type, folding type and bag type. The outer frame material is paper frame, aluminum frame, galvanized iron frame, filter material is non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal hole net, etc. The net has double-sided sprayed wire mesh and double-sided galvanized wire mesh.

Mainly used for: pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, pre-filtration of large air compressors, clean return air system, pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filter devices.

High temperature air filter, stainless steel frame, high temperature resistant 250-300 °C filtration efficiency This efficiency filter, commonly used for primary filtration of air conditioning and ventilation system, also suitable for simple air conditioning and ventilation system requiring only one stage of filtration .

The G series primary air filter is divided into eight varieties, namely: G1, G2, G3, G4.

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