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Multi-purpose bag filter equipment


The bag filter is a kind of multi-purpose air filter device with strong applicability. It has novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency and closed working. The bag filter is a new type of air filtration system. The inside of the bag filter is supported by a metal mesh basket, which flows in from the inlet, filters through the filter bag and flows out from the outlet to intercept the impurities in the filter bag, and can continue to use after replacing the filter bag.

The filter material of Jielin bag filter is processed by high-performance hot-melt method composed of anti-fracture organic synthetic fiber. It has a reinforced structure, good filtration performance and large dust holding capacity. To ensure the best filtration results.

Clean-link bag filters are available in the following categories: single bag filters, multi bag filters, synthetic fiber bag filters, etc. The bag air filter has a filtration accuracy range of 1-5 um.

The main features of Jielin bag filter:

1. The side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, which effectively ensures the filtration quality.

2. Filter bag filtration accuracy is constantly improving, with primary, medium and high efficiency bag filters.

3. Bag filter has large dust holding capacity and small volume.

4. The bag filter can carry more working pressure, with small pressure loss and low operating cost. The energy saving effect is obvious.

5. It is more convenient and quicker to replace the filter bag, and different filter materials can be customized according to customer requirements.

6. Bag filter, the frame is in the form of cold plate spray, galvanized sheet, etc. The filter material is non-woven fabric, glass fiber and so on.

At present, Clean-link air filter is widely used in air purification equipment, electronics factory, hospital, clean room, spraying industry and so on.

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