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Understand the characteristics of the next booth paint filter


The booth paint filter also has a lot of different characteristics worthy of everyone to appreciate, which has a unique filtering effect for some cars, furniture and so on. The purification of air is also very significant. Feel the effect of the exhaust in the filtration can also appreciate the unique style of the filter. It can fully filter the air and make the spraying effect more obvious. In the weekdays, we can also enjoy the booth paint filter in different places.

The use of paint booth filters in cars can reduce some of the odors in the car exhaust, and at the same time, the paint content is very small. For the air can reduce the car exhaust gas purification, has a unique effect. At the same time, when using the booth paint filter, we must also pay attention to some of the vents must be cleaned. Only after being more hygienic can you fully feel the effect of the filter.

? We all understand the role of the paint booth, but what are the uses of the paint booth filter we use? Here we explain:

Paint room filter is suitable for coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration, air conditioning system return air filter;

1) Applicable to various industrial purposes, such as preventing pollution, air-conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing pollution, etc.

2) Specially applicable to spray painting system, pre-filtering in paint shop;

3) According to the customer's requirements, it can be processed into an initial plate filter or a preliminary bag filter.

4) Specially used for painting system, the fine filtration of the end of the paint shop is a prerequisite for the high-value paint process and high-quality paint;

5) Installed in a car assembly vehicle, or car paint paint shop, as a roof filter cotton. Installed in the automotive surface repair department spray paint, paint the roof of the room, as the final air supply filter ventilation equipment. Installed in the production workshops and spray booths that require high luster and high equipment polishing products as the final air supply filter; in order to properly use the products and ensure the quality of the paint, the following must be noted:

6) When changing the product, first remove the air inlet, ceiling, and floor filter, clean up the ventilation duct, dark corners, and easily accumulated dust. Then close the paint door and open the air blower for about 1 hour. When installing the filter cotton, there must be no gap between the filter material and the frame and the surrounding area. Install the ceiling and the air inlet cotton first, and then turn on the air blown by the fan for about 4 hours. After performing a cleaning work, put on the ground cotton to use. 

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