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How to filter the dust into the paint room air


Various types of paint booths are equipped with filter devices, such as ceiling filter cotton, used to filter the dust in the air into the paint room, and the ventilation system of the paint booth will allow adequate ventilation speed in the paint booth, so as to ensure the paint The air in the room is clean. In many cases, the contamination of the body paint is caused by human factors. For example, vehicles that are to be painted do not enter the paint booth without thorough cleaning, or painters do not wear special protective clothing or do not clean the paint booth.

First, spray paint program:

1. Turn on the main switch and turn on the indoor light.

2. The car paint is ready to start the paint button.

3, press the paint temperature key.

4. Check the temperature of the paint booth and adjust the temperature required by the painting process at any time according to the weather.

5, when the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, according to their own level using the baking room temperature key to adjust the temperature, and open the fuel switch.

6. When the temperature is higher than the average temperature of the paint, the painter should adjust the proportion of paint and achieve the best results according to the needs.

7. After painting is completed, remove any unnecessary items in the paint room, turn off the lights, and turn off the main switch when no paint is needed.

Second, paint program:

1. After the paint is finished, press the stop key to turn off the light.

2, dial paint operation switch, then dial the timer switch.

3, press the paint button, adjust the paint temperature.

4. Turn the time knob to adjust to the desired time. A T stands for 20 minutes.

5. After a few seconds, the paint booth will start automatically and the painter will leave after burning.

6, the paint room running switch, timer switch, paint button back to spray paint state, launch the car, turn off the main switch. 

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