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High-efficiency filter air outlet


First, efficient air outlet

 Any bacteria may cause damage to the research results. Therefore, when building a clean room, it will be accepted as a whole. After the acceptance is completed, scientific research operations can be conducted. However, people tend to ignore the frame of an efficient air outlet. Since the frame is a wooden material, after a certain period of use, due to the high efficiency of the air inlet filter adsorbs a large number of bacterial dust, these bacteria will spread to the wooden frame, thus contaminating the entire Cleanroom. In order to prevent such a situation, in the process of constructing a clean room, the enterprise should use a metal frame on the frame of the high-efficiency air supply port so that no bacteria can spread to the frame during use.

In addition, some companies have requirements for high temperature and humidity. Therefore, when purchasing high-efficiency filter air outlets, companies should select partition plates with high temperature and humidity resistance so as to meet the needs of enterprises.

[Efficient air outlet] is divided into two series. Did you choose the right one?

 There are many businesses that sell high-efficiency air outlets in the market, but not every one can meet your needs. Specifically, the high-efficiency air outlet is divided into two series: I and II. Series I is in the form of replaceable filters and Series II is in the form of one-time air outlets, but all are supplied air.

1. High efficiency air outlet

High-efficiency air supply series I: It is composed of high-efficiency filter, high-quality thin steel plate, and aluminum alloy diffuser orifice plate. It is easy to install and has reliable sealing. It can easily replace the filter. Take over the way can be connected or flanking.

2. High-efficiency air supply series II: Ultra-thin and thin type. All are primary air outlets, which are easy to replace (only need to remove the hose clamps of the soft joints between the air supply duct and the air outlet). The high-efficiency air supply series is particularly suitable for air conditioning systems with limited ceiling space. The main advantages: simple and reliable box structure, strong ventilation, uniform air supply, easy installation and easy maintenance.

In the material door, in fact, the two series of high-efficiency air outlet is not very different. Yidingda box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the outer surface of the electrostatic spray treatment, with diffuser. Compact structure, reliable sealing performance, side air inlet and top inlet air in the air inlet, and flange and square round and round structure. When it is sometimes highly limited or when a compact design must be used, Etility recommends the use of an integrated high-efficiency filter air outlet.

Note: The point that [order] high efficiency filter must know

High-efficiency filter It differs from the ordinary filter mainly in its filter accuracy, the filter element itself used. There are many kinds of high-efficiency filters. In different situations, we need to select different high-efficiency filters. Only by selecting a suitable high-efficiency filter can we achieve maximum efficiency in the case of saving energy.

Note: I will introduce the general principles of high efficiency filter selection.

1. Import and export path:

In order to ensure the efficiency, in principle, the inlet and outlet of the filter should not be smaller than the matching inlet diameter of the pump. In general, it is consistent with the diameter of the inlet pipe.

2, nominal pressure:

Nominal pressure refers to determining the pressure rating of the filter according to the highest possible pressure in the filtration line.

3, the choice of the number of holes:

The main consideration is the particle size of the impurities to be intercepted, which depends on the process requirements of the media process. The size of screen sizes that can be intercepted by various specifications can be found in the table below.

4, filter material:

The material of the filter is generally the same as the material of the process pipe to be connected. For different service conditions, a filter made of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel may be selected.

The filter effect of an efficient air outlet is not determined by its air volume, but the material of an efficient air outlet. At present, many clean rooms in China are designed with high-efficiency filter air outlets in the wooden frame version. Therefore, due to their wooden characteristics during use, bacteria can easily grow on the wooden frame boards, which affects the use of bacteria. No dust effect.

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