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High-efficiency filter tuyere leak detection method


  For the time-consuming and labor-consuming high-efficiency filter leak detection work, we can find new ways. In the construction and testing, we often adopt the following methods:

  High-efficiency filter leak detection method features: The leak detection operation required by the above specification is decomposed into two steps:

  1 Efficient filter leak detection before installation.

  2 Installed high-efficiency filter "installation frame" leak detection.

  In the first step, the leak detection operation is simple and easy, and it is not necessary to ascend. Introducing air with high dust concentration is easy and does not pollute the purification pipeline system;

  In the second step, although it is necessary to ascend the leak detection, the detection time is very short. If the high-efficiency filter gaskets are spliced ​​and pasted strictly in accordance with the specifications, basically no leakage is found in the leak detection. For the liquid tank sealing structure, as long as the sealing groove and the sealing liquid are qualified, it is not necessary to check the mounting frame.

  Jie Lin purification often uses the coarse, medium-efficiency filtered outdoor air for leak detection of the installation of the frame, the effect is good. This avoids contamination of the air supply system due to the introduction of a high dust concentration upwind side airstream. In the case of leak detection, the new air valve of the system (installed with rough filter when the leak is detected, the leak detection is completed and then the intermediate efficiency and sub-high efficiency filter is installed) shall be opened, the exhaust valve shall be opened, and the small return valve shall be closed. It is possible to perform scan leak detection on the "installation frame".

  If the high-efficiency filter is qualified for leak detection, the packaging is qualified, the loading and unloading operation is standard, the special filter is sent to the construction site and the storage conditions meet the requirements. That is, before the installation, the high-efficiency filter can be directly installed (the installation operation should be standardized), and finally the installed high-efficiency filter only detects the “installation frame” without leakage.

  If the high-efficiency filter is not leak-detected at the factory, or leakage is detected, transportation, loading, unloading, storage, and handling cannot be guaranteed. The high-efficiency filter must be leak-checked before installation. A qualified site can be found at the construction site, a leak detection station can be built, and the high-efficiency filter can be checked and leaked. In this way, the high dust concentration airflow on the windward side can be easily introduced and installed immediately after the leak detection is qualified, which is more scientific than the scanning leak detection of the high efficiency filter after installation. After the installation is completed, only the high-efficiency filter "installation frame" is checked. Practice has proved that when leak detection is performed on the mounting frame, it is not necessary to introduce a detection airflow with a dust concentration of 10 or higher on the upwind side of the HEPA filter. Because the leakage of the installation frame is caused by the bad sealing effect, as long as the dust concentration on the air side of the sealing surface is slightly higher (the concentration of dust in the outdoor air filtered by the coarse and medium efficiency can meet this requirement), if the installation frame leaks, It can be detected by the particle counter on the downwind side. This leak detection operation saves time and labor and has a good effect.

  In short, the leak detection at the filter manufacturer is fundamental, and the reasonable method of loading and unloading and transporting the filter is guaranteed, and the real-time supervision and monitoring of the installation process is an effective method to ensure the construction quality of the clean room.     For the clean room project that requires a leak detection at the site, the qualified filter on-site inspection, the scientific installation method and the dynamic monitoring and management, just scanning the installation of the border, saving time and effort, and strong operability.

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