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What are the product features of the initial fold filter?


Folding filter product features

1. The galvanized iron mesh is attached to the outlet surface of the filter material, which can protect the filter material from being blown and prevent the filter material from deforming due to the wind pressure, ensuring that all the surfaces of the filter material are fully utilized.

2. Gradual structure has high dust-catching capacity and long service life. The perimeter of the filter is bonded to the outer frame to prevent air leakage or damage due to wind resistance pressure.

3. Sturdy waterproof cardboard, the diagonal design of the frame can provide a lot of filter area, and the internal filter material closely adhered to the frame.

4. The filter is divided into depths of 1”, 2”, and 4”. Its filter area is 5 times that of a normal plane filter. It has a longer service life than general glass fiber or artificial fiber filters and High filtration efficiency.

5. can be used directly, or as a primary effect filter, used to protect the air conditioning system in the latter part of the efficient filter.

6. The fiber is treated with special rolling needles to form a gradient structure, so the filter will have a high dust catching capacity and a long service life.

7. choose waterproof paper frame.

8. the frame can choose galvanized iron frame or aluminum alloy frame.

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