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How many types of paint booth filter are there?


  As a newly appointed salesperson, every day, customers have come to inquire. One day, a customer consulted the ceiling filter cotton. I didn't see this product on the product list. Later, the colleague reminded me that the original paint room filter cotton. Also called ceiling filter cotton, how many kinds of paint room filter cotton are there?

  Paint room filter cotton, alias patio filter cotton, spray room filter cotton, paint filter cotton, roof filter cotton, top filter cotton, ceiling filter cotton, top cotton and cotton filter effect, called many, it is because of personal preferences Or it is different depending on use. Therefore, after all, we must remember that paint booth filter cotton is a variety of names, do not miss out on big orders because it is different.

  The paint room filter cotton is made by the polyester fiber combing and laying hot air with the density increasing step by step, and is covered with wind on the net or reinforced with cloth, and the surface viscose or the three-dimensional viscose. With high dust holding capacity and low resistance, long life, economical and practical features. The color is generally white, mainly used for various industrial purposes, such as preventing paint pollution, air-conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing pollution and so on.

  The filter efficiency of the paint booth filter is: F5 (gravity efficiency: 98%), the filter target is ≥ 1um particles, and the filtration performance is very stable. It is installed in the automobile assembly workshop, or car paint paint workshop, as a roof filter cotton. It is installed on the roof of the car refinishing department and the ceiling of the paint booth. It is the final air supply filter for ventilation equipment.

  The paint room filter is a fine filtration of the spray paint system and the end of the paint shop. It is a prerequisite for high-value paint processes and high-quality paints. It is mainly used in automotive paint booths, furniture paint booths, auto paint booths, and furniture paint booths. The fan air supply system will remove outdoor fresh air through the air inlet booth filter room filter and the ceiling booth filter cotton filter to remove the dust and send it to the factory by the fan to force positive pressure in the air inside the workshop to ensure the effective paint smell in the workshop. discharge. The air passes through the first filtration to filter the paint in the paint booth outside the air inlet of the fan. It mainly acts as a filter for large dust in the air. The second filter is the fine filter of the filter booth in the ceiling, and is also the most important filter. Fully filtered air is evenly diffused to form a laminar flow state to achieve the best spraying effect. The third time is the ground cotton under the floor filter. It is mainly used to filter excess paint in the air. Reduce the paint content and odor in the exhaust.

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